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  • On shopping in Bratislava

    Bratislava can be proud of the wide variety of shops and shopping centers where you can buy everything you need for your living in the city. You can find here a little for every taste –all the prestigious worldwide known brands as well as the traditional slovak products. The city offers both conventional little stores and, of course, modern big shopping malls.

  • Traditional shops

    If you have decided for the traditional way of shopping, Bratislava provides you with numerous streets where the smell of leather shoes, branded perfumes and delicious food from restaurants nearby mix together perfectly. That is also why one of the most famous streets bears a symbolic name – Ochodná ulica (Shopping Street). You can find here tens of shops, restaurants, fast foods and bars. Quite close are also two more streets – Michalská and Laurinská, situated directly in the historical part of Bratislava. You can do some quality shopping in the close surrounding of the centre, too – on the Kamenné námeste (Kamenné square), Námestie SNP (SNP square), and on the streets Ventúrska and Panská. Those are recommended especially to those who, besides shopping, like very pleasant downtown walking. A bit higher prices are compensated by excellent quality of the goods. The possibility of little refreshment in the local coffee places and restaurants makes these streets even more attractive for their visitors.

  • Aupark

    Probably the most visited centre is Aupark. It is situated in Petržalka and you can walk there from the Old City through the SNP Bridge. To make it more convenient, you can also take one of the numerous buses which drive there (No. 50, 80, 84, 88, 93, 94, 95, 191). This center is highly recommended from our side, too, as it offers the perfect combination of great location, favorite cinema and balance between the quality and prices.

  • Avion

    Another well-known shopping mall is Avion, next to which you will also find a famous furniture store IKEA. And this is a brilliant spot to buy furniture and equipment for your home. Even though it is located a bit away from the city centre, airport is pretty close and you can get there directly from the highway. Therefore, our advice is to use buses No. 61, 63 and 96 which will drive you directly to the Avion. Imperfect localization of the center has been compensated by the convenient prices, actually the most convenient among all of the shopping centers. For those who don’t mind longer distances, Avion is surely right place where to find a lot of goods for good prices.

  • Central

    Definitely the youngest center in Bratislava is called OC Centrál. Situated in the New Town, it is easy to get there; you will just get off trams No. 2, 4, 8 and 9 or buses No. 61, 78, 31, 39 and 68 or trolleybuses No. 204 and 201 on the stop called Trnavské mýto. If you like everything connected with modern style and interior and also require wide goods offer, you shouldn‘t avoid this one at all.

  • Eurovea Galleria


    Charming Eurovea Galleria was built on the side of Danube. Thus, besides shopping, it also provides its visitor with a possibility of very pleasant walk along the river. As the center is reachable by vehicles, you can take buses No. X13, 28, 78,90 and 133 – and get off at the bus stop called Nové SND. This center will definitely satisfy the needs of more demanding customers as it offers higher standards but for higher prices.

  • Polus City Center

    Fourth center is called Polus City Center. Do you prefer classics and like well-organised and –located shops so you can move among them smoothly? Polus has it all. This one is the oldest one in Bratislava, still has what to offer though. To the bus stop Polus City Center you can get by trams No. 2 and 4 and by buses No. 50, 51 and 98.

  • ONE Fashion outlet Voderady

    This center is some 20 minutes of driving on the highway from Bratislava (Trnava direction). This one has definitely the most convenient prices, but you should count with the time and travel costs, too.
    All of the above mentioned do also offer the possibilities of both refreshment - as there are numerous cafés, restaurants - and of fun – as there are cinemas in many of the centers. We highly recommend you to follow the seasonal discounts, mainly after Christmas and summer, when you can buy some pieces (mainly of clothes) even for the half of their original prices.