Univerzity v Bratislave Universities in Bratislava — Informácie

  • Universities in Bratislava

    In Bratislava, there are three big and well-known state universities, some other smaller state universities and private universities also. Let´s read about all universities in Bratislava with contact information to each of it.

  • University of Economics

    The oldest economical university in Slovakia. It offers studies in different fields (national economy, management, business, …) and is proud of high rate of employment between the graduates. You can find more information at www.euba.sk.

  • Comenius University in Bratislava

    The only Slovak university, which belong to the TOP500 universities ranking in the world. It offers really variable fields of studies – management, languages, law, art, sport, teaching, etc. It´s the oldest university in Slovakia. You can find more information at www.uniba.sk .

  • Slovak Technological University in Bratislava

    School for technical fields of studies (engineering, chemistry, architecture). The faculty of Chemistry is proud of high ranking and belongs to TOP200 faculties in the Europe. Study there is quite difficult, however, graduates of this university are quite successful afterwards. You can find more information atwww.stuba.sk.

  • University of St. Elizabeth in Bratislava

    Specialized on human sciences and religion. This school is fit for people, who would like to help others in the future – you can study social work, healthcare, go for missions to developing countries. You can find more information here :www.vssvalzbety.sk

  • Paneuropean university in Bratislava

    The private university with different field of studies from law to media management. The study is quite expensive, but on the other hand, university offers lessons in nice and modern classrooms, specialized approach from professors and high quality. You can find more information here:www.paneurouni.com/sk/pevs.

  • University of economy and management in Bratislava

    Smaller private school located in city part Petržalka. It offers theoretical and practical knowledge in area of economy and management. You can find more info here : www.vsemvs.sk