Šport Aktívne športovanie — Informácie

  • Tennis

    Do you like to play tennis? Then you should visit NTC –Národné tenisové centrum (National Tennis Centre). It is a new sport complex located in the centre of Bratislava. With 8 tennis courts, 8 badminton courts, 4 squash courts, relax centre, restaurant and café, sport shops, fitness centre and 3 congress halls, NTC is one of the most unique sports venues in Slovakia. It is also the main host place for numerous international tournaments in various sports and for many cultural events.
    Športový komplex Slávia Agrofert (Sport complex Slávia Agrofert )offers similar opportunities and is adjusted for doing many various sports, too – you can find here 12 tennis courts, 12 badminton courts, fitness centre, wellness, playground for beach volleyball and multifunctional playground for football, basketball and floorball.

  • Swimming

    If you enjoy swimming, you can try Plaváreň Pasienky (Swimming Pool Pasienky) located close to the football stadium.  It is the biggest indoor pool in Bratislava with the length of 50 metres. If you would like to relax more, there is a Wellness centrum in Hotel Nivy with water attractions, hot tub and 5 different kinds of saunas. Another option is Plaváreň Iuventa (Swimming Pool Iuventa) which includes sauna, massages, tanning salon and fitness centre.

  • Football


    There are many football pitches in the city. You can find both - outdoor pitches - owned by football clubs and city councils and indoor pitches - mostly hold by universities or schools. If you want to book a football pitch for your game, approach institutions like schools or clubs. 

  • Ice hockey


    Maybe it’s a little bit exotic sport for you but hockey is means really a lot of fun and you should definitely try it! You can play hockey at ice stadiums, there are several  of them– the biggest one is Ice Stadium of Ondrej Nepela, smaller are Ice Stadium of Vladimír Dzurilla and Ice Stadium in Petržalka. You can find contacts on following links. Just approach stadiums and book one hour on ice for you and your friends to enjoy the hockey game.

  • Fitness

    If you're looking for opportunities for bodybuilding or fitness training in Bratislava, you will definitely find some as well. One of many fitness centres is Fitness centrum StarClub. It belongs among the best equipped fitness centres in Slovakia. Another option is A Fit Fitness Centre which offers aerobic, fitness instructors and a wide scale of things you can do including body work, hi-low, fat burner, dance aerobic, pilates and many more. Quite popular is Fit Inn Centre, which offers several discounts and customer service.

  • Bowling

    Bratislava also provides one the best bowling centres in Slovakia – it is named BNC (Bowlingové národné centrum) and it offers 16 modern professional bowling alleys and a brand new equimpent neccessary for this game.
    All of the above named are only few options you can choose from to decide how to can spend your time with sport in Bratislava. If you like to do some sports which weren't mentioned, you'll probably find a place where you can perform it – just keep searching. If you won’t find anything, just contact us!