Dôležité kontakty Záchranné čísla na Slovensku — Informácie

  • Rescue numbers in Slovakia

    112 : Slovakia is a member of international SOS system. In case of emergency, call number 112 and you will be dial-up according to concrete situation and kind of help, what you need. This number is accessible in whole country and calls are for free.

    150:  Telephone number to firefighters. When you have a fire at your home, or have any other troubles with fire, call this number, briefly explain situation, tell your name and address.

    155 : Rescue system. Call in cases of medical emergency, when is urgent help needed. Again, briefly explain situation, tell your name and address.

    158 : Telephone number to Police. If you are suspect of crime, and you feel in danger, call policemen to this number. Briefly explain the situation and tell your name and address.

    The 112 is universal number for all emergency situations. If you want to specify your problem and you know, that you need just one of these urgent services, choose one of numbers 150, 155, 158.