Bankový účet Info — Informácie

  • General information

    It´s quite easy to set up your own bank account in Slovakia. There are 2 basic options – use ,,typical” bank and set it up personally at the bank office, or to use an internet bank. There are quite many banks, which are offering  this service – e.g. Tatra Banka, VUB Banka, CSOB Banka, Slovenska sporitelna, Sberbank, Raiffeisen. You need to go to bank office with your ID card and ask for opening a bank account.

    TIP : If you are a student of Slovak university, bring the confirmation about study with you, you can get cheaper student account.

    With bank account, you are getting an access to internet banking and your credit card also. Payments are different according to bank, however, bank accounts are generally cheap in Slovakia. You pay mostly for using bank machines of other banks.

    The second option are internet banks like Zuno, mBank and FIO. The difference is that you are opening your bank account on-line. It´s faster and being quite popular between young people. Bank account is for free, you pay just for extraordinary operations. In opening bank account, you also need ID card for identification, then you transfer money to the bank via internetbanking.