Registrácia European union+EEA — Informácie

  • Registration for EU+EEA citizens

    After coming to Slovakia, there are still some obligations depending on the length of your stay. Let´s read more about it! 

    1. Registration at the foreign police (for all length of staying)
    In case you stay at some accommodation site (hotel, hostel, dormitory...) you don't have to go to the foreign police, because the reception will register you.
    However, as soon as you move to a private place you have to register yourself within 10 days after your arrival at the foreign police.
    Which documents you need to bring :
    ·       Completed document – Notice of the stay

    ·       Valid Passport or ID

    2. Registration of the longer stay (if you want to stay longer than 119 days)
    If you want to stay longer than 119 days, besides registration at the foreign police after your arrival, you need to visit foreign police once more after 90 days of your stay in Slovakia and register your further stay within 30 days.

    Find what to bring for a registration in a checklist! 

    To not to spend whole day waiting at the foreign police, we recommend you to come rather early in the morning - to avoid the queues. Sometimes is difficult to communicate with staff of foreign police, so if you need any help, just contact us.