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  • Local Museums&Castles

     Are you interested in history? If so, you are in a right place because Bratislava has definitely what to offer even in this field! Being a great place for exploring 2000 years old city, we can give you some tips how to spend time surrounded by the history in Bratislava.      

    Bratislava is a seat of Slovak National Museum as well as of Bratislava City Museum. Both have many expositions situated in the old historical buildings in the city. We recommend visiting both castles (Bratislava castle and Devín castle) that belong to these museums as history lovers will definitely enjoy these breathtaking expositions. 

  • Slovak National Museum


    Slovak National Museum is the most important institution in the field of museological activities in Slovakia. There are three main parts of it which are as following.

  • Bratislava Castle - Museum of History


    Bratislava castle is a symbol of the city and the most memorable place. It hosts many events, official visits, celebrations, etc. The castle is probably first place which tourists want to visit in Bratislava as it has really good location and there´s a beautiful view on whole Bratislava. Many people like its specific shape because it looks like a turned-up table. The castle is also characteristic by four gablets on the top. Museum documents the development of society in Slovakia from the Middle Ages until the present day. It offers collections of coins, furniture, visual arts, clocks, historical weapons, glass items, porcelain, ceramics, fashion accessories and silver articles. 

  • Natural Science Museum

    Natural Science Museum is one of the most important natural science museums in Europe. It offers many exhibitions of nature, especially from Slovakia. It is definitely worth visiting! 

  • Archeological Museum

    Archeological museum contains a collection of treasures from Slovakia's distant past and various archaeological findings from the early Stone Age up to the 13th century.

    To Slovak National Museum belong also Music Museum, Museum of Jewish Culture, Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia, Museum of Carpathian German Culture or Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia. We recommend you to visit also all of these. 

  • Bratislava City Museum


    Bratislava City Museum reflect history of the city from the earliest times. The most representative collection pieces are situated in 11 thematic museums of the Bratislava City Museum. There are four main parts of Bratislava City Museum which are as following:
    Exhibition of the City History Museum is located in the beautiful Old Town Hall situated in the heart of the Bratislava city centre. Except of admiring the Old Town Hall, inside of Hall is a presentation of the history of Bratislava from pre-history up to the present day.
    TIP: Would you like to see the Main Square and the roofs of houses from above? It is possible from the tower of Town Hall, which is part of the museum too!

  • Period Rooms Museum and Museum of Viticulture – Apponyi House

    Would you like to see how aristocratic interior of the end of 18th century looked like? Then visit the first and second floor of the Apponyi House. It traces the history of viticulture and wine production. House also introduces two of the most important Bratislava vintners – J. E. Hubert and Palugyay whose wines were awarded many international prizes.

  • Museum of Arms - Michael´s Tower

    The museum introduces the history of the city fortification. Various types of weapons, military and tournament equipment are to be seen here. As well as the Old Town Hall, Michael´s Tower has an entrance to the observation terrace. You can both enjoy the surroundings and experience how far soldiers protecting town could see from this last standing tower of medieval fortification system.

  • Devín Castle


    Devín castle stands in a very beautiful nature out of the rush of city centre. In the past, it was very important strategic point for many nations. Prior to 1989, Iron Curtain between the Eastern Block and the West ran just in front of the castle. Even nowadays, many signs remind us what happened there in the past.
    For the nature lovers, there is beautiful view from the top of the castle. You can see interesting confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava. What is more, during nice weather it is possible to see Austria with many wind–mills.
    TIP: Have you already heard of the famous story about the most photogenic part of the castle, the Maiden Tower? You can see it in Devín Castle!  

    TIP: What is also very important to say is that museums in Slovakia are usually closed on Mondays, so rather choose some other day to visit them.