Podujatia Všeobecne o podujatiach — Informácie

  • Bratislava has a new international student´s community!

    One of main goals of Feels Like Home is to build a community with international students in Bratislava. We are now starting these activities and building first connections with foreigners. Thursday 11th of September was an important day for us – we prepared first introduction of our relocation platform and organized first common event. For me, as a Manager for Community&Content, was this day special – there were lot of expectations and questions, how it will be. In conclusion, I am satisfied not because of me, but thanks to happy faces of people, with whom we spend great time together.

    Introduction of project took place at VSVU university (Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava) in Bratislava. We presented our platform in front of 20 ERASMUS students , who were carefully listening to us. The best feeling came in moment, when students started to take notes about Feels Like Home. In moments like this, you feel that your job really has a sense. OK, presentation was fine, but what then? Then came a time to build connections! So we invited students to Beer Tasting and were full of expectations, how many of them will come with us.

    And that was the best surprise! Ten international students joined us and spent whole afternoon and evening on Bratislava´s beer tasting! We had a lot of fun, knew each other better and change experiences together. Again, the great feeling for me – yes, we build the community! The community, where was always topic to talk and where we were laughing all the time. Mostly on crash, which happened to my colleague Barney – he hit the glass with beer and made a small flood under our table :)

    I hope, that this is the right start for Feels Like Home in Bratislava. We want to continue in that way, organize more events and get more people to our new international community! Feel free to join us next time, you can find all info on our website or facebook page Feels Like Home Slovakia!
    Tomáš Schügerl, Community&Content Manager Feels Like Home Bratislava